These 3 Things Mean You’re Ready for an Associate

These 3 Things Mean You’re Ready for an Associate

by | Apr 17, 2024

As we navigate the challenging yet rewarding journey of chiropractic practice, we often find ourselves at a crossroads that beckons the necessity for growth. Growth not just in terms of financial success, but in balancing our personal lives and professional aspirations.  A road with yellow lines and trees in the background Being a chiropractor for over 20 years, I hired my first associate six years into my career. Some worked out, some didn’t. And today, I want to share with you three important indicators that you might be ready to welcome an associate into your practice.

Reaching Your Maximum Capacity

Picture this: It’s been another fulfilling yet exhausting week. You’ve been seeing 150-200 patients, a testament to the trust and reliance placed upon you. While this achievement is remarkable, it often comes with an unspoken cost – fatigue and burnout. Remember, we entered this profession to heal, to bring comfort to those in pain. But in doing so, we must not forget to take care of ourselves. Reaching this level of patient visits per week is a clear sign of your dedication and the demand for your expertise. It signifies a pivotal moment where welcoming an associate can ensure that you continue to provide the best care without compromising your well-being. This is not about admitting defeat but acknowledging that we achieve more together than doing it alone. It’s about giving yourself the space to breathe, to remember why you started, and to protect the flame of passion for this noble profession from burning out.

Financial Readiness: The Sweet Spot of $40k to $60k in Gross Collections

The journey of a chiropractor is unique, woven with personal anecdotes of struggle and triumph. One such aspect is achieving financial stability which allows for sustainable growth. When your practice consistently grosses between $40k to $60k per month, it speaks volumes about your hard work, dedication, and the trust your community places in your capabilities. This financial sweet spot is essential not just for affording an associate’s salary but as a hallmark of a thriving practice that is poised for the next chapter. It’s about ensuring that as you grow, you remain grounded in humility and gratitude for every success along the way. Embracing this opportunity means you’re ready to expand your impact, alongside someone who shares your commitment to healing and balance.

A Steady Stream of New Patients

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The lifeblood of any practice is its patients. As your practice grows, so does the need to sustain and further this growth with a consistent stream of new patients. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s also about the ability to spread wellness to more individuals, to touch more lives in a meaningful way. When you notice an increase in new patients seeking your expertise, it’s a clear signal that the community’s needs are evolving and expanding. Bringing in an associate at this point in time allows your practice to meet these growing needs effectively. It’s about creating a legacy of care and compassion that goes beyond the confines of your practice.

Embracing The Path Ahead

Welcoming an associate into your practice is a significant milestone. However, you must have all the signs in place to ensure that onboarding an associate doctor is sustainable for your chiropractic business. It’s a decision that reflects not just professional growth but a deep-rooted desire to maintain a balanced life, where personal happiness and professional fulfillment coexist harmoniously. As we stand on the brink of this exciting new chapter, let us do so with humility, hard work, and the determination to continue making a difference. And to get started on this new chapter, I invite you to book a call with me and discover more about taking the next steps to growing your thriving practice. CLICK HERE and let this life-changing journey begin.