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Group Coaching

Chiropractic Group Coaching for Success

Many chiropractors want to experience more freedom, achieve better results for their businesses, and ultimately, run their dream practice. Unfortunately, most are stuck in a rut. They’ve tried new things, but not what’s necessary to move forward.

Our group coaching program is designed to help chiropractors move forward together with their private practice and break past the glass ceiling that they’re on.

Group Coaching includes:

  • Regular group coaching calls (twice to four times a month)

  • Starting and finishing the program with a group of their peers

  • Access to tight-knit accountability groups

  • Access to the exclusive Alpha Omega Club

  • Access to the Alpha Omega Online Academy

Running a chiropractic practice begins with having a clear vision of what you want to achieve. This helps in decision making and keeps you motivated. You can design your practice according to your style and preferences with a patient-centered approach in mind. You can choose treatment methods, set your own schedule, and create a positive environment aligned with your vision.

But chiropractors can find themselves in challenging times, when they feel uninspired or stagnant in their practice. This is where chiropractic coaching enters the picture. You can get access to our group coaching program to help you break free from the challenges you face and regain momentum while working with other chiropractors.

Joining our program and engaging with a chiropractic business coach who specializes in the field can be immensely beneficial. A coach can help identify blind spots, develop strategies to navigate obstacles, and set realistic goals while the rest of the group can provide accountability, peer support and a solid network.

The following are the benefits of being part of a group coaching program for chiropractors:

Peer Support and Networking
Chiropractic group coaching such as what we offer in Alpha Omega Consulting brings together many chiropractors who have similar interests and experience the same challenges. With the help of your chiropractic consultant, you and other participants can connect with like-minded people in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Chiropractic consulting in a group setting allows participants to share best practices and insights among their peers. They can talk about issues and hurdles in their practice and learn from the experiences of others. This peer support helps provide practical solutions, guidance, and encouragement.

Group coaching may also include networking activities that enable participants to engage outside of the coaching sessions. We encourage our clients to get to know one another. Sharing of knowledge through networking can provide fresh perspectives and expand the understanding of a chiropractor in the field. Networking can also result in referrals, potential collaborations, or partnerships in the future.

Collective Wisdom
In our group coaching program, participants can take advantage of the collective expertise and wisdom of your chiropractor consultant and fellow chiropractors.

Your group coach has an in-depth knowledge of chiropractic practice management. They can provide specialized expertise and guidance to help chiropractors achieve their goals and handle challenges. Part of their role is to create a structured environment that promotes active participation and learning.

The diversity of perspectives in group coaching enriches the learning environment as it comes with different viewpoints on common issues. The varying levels of experience, practice settings, and personal backgrounds allow chiropractors to gain fresh insights and apply alternative approaches.

Accountability and Motivation
Group coaching programs often include sessions where chiropractors share updates with the group and check in on their progress. These check-ins foster a sense of accountability as participants are expected to report on their actions taken and results accomplished since the last meeting. Sharing these things with the group and receiving feedback helps them make an effort to follow through.

Our chiropractic coaching program facilitates accountability partnerships within the group. In this, chiropractors will have their partners to support them in overcoming obstacles as well as hold them accountable for their goals. These partnerships involve regular sharing of progress updates and offering advice. This encourages chiropractors to stay focused and committed.

The business coaching program for chiropractors we offer has systems for tracking progress and acknowledging achievements, for example, milestone celebrations within the group. Recognizing and celebrating progress further enhances accountability; thus, encouraging continued growth.

Continuous Learning
Group coaching follows a curriculum that covers a wide range of topics essential to chiropractic business owners and their practice. The curriculum ensures a comprehensive learning experience and addresses the common challenges and needs of chiropractors.

In addition to the principles and core concepts, chiropractic coaching for groups often delves into advanced techniques and specialized topics. This may include spinal decompression therapy, low level laser therapy, shockwave therapy, workstation ergonomics, and prenatal chiropractic. By familiarizing yourself with these specialized topics, you can expand your expertise and offer additional services to your patients.

Our program provides chiropractors with video tutorials, workbooks, presentations, manuals, and other resources for further study. These educational materials serve as tools and references for ongoing learning even outside of the coaching sessions. You will refer to these materials to reinforce your understanding and refresh your knowledge.

Many chiropractors find practice management quite difficult, including staff leadership, marketing, financial management, and patient acquisition. AOC chiropractic business coaching includes sessions intended for practice management, providing best practices, tools, and approaches to deal with the challenges of chiropractic care.

The problem-solving sessions allow chiropractors to generate creative solutions and receive feedback. These sessions with your professional chiropractic business coach can improve your problem-solving skills and you can learn more strategies to handle common issues.

In addition, encountering ethical and legal problems is not unlikely for chiropractors. Fortunately, our chiropractic coaching program provides guidance on risk management, professional ethics, and legal compliance. Participants in our group coaching can gain a deeper understanding of the ethical and legal considerations regarding chiropractic practice. This helps ensure ethical decision making and minimizes potential risks.

Team Development
Our group coaching for chiropractors also focuses on team development to enhance communication, collaboration, and performance. Your AOC coach understands that a lack of collaboration and communication breakdowns can hinder the efficiency of a chiropractic team. Chiropractic consulting provides strategies for building a high-performing team.

Chiropractors as leaders play a vital role in team development. The AOC program provides coaching to improve the leadership skills of the participants and learn strategies for creating a supportive environment, effective delegation, resolving conflicts, and building trust.

Our group coaching program can help participants to set performance measurement systems to track the progress and performance of the team and identify areas for improvement. Participants can also learn to leverage the strengths of the chiropractic team and implement practices for continuous improvement.

Personal and Professional Growth
AOC offers a program that goes beyond professional development. Our chiropractor consultants recognize the connection between professional and personal aspects of life. It means personal growth impacts professional success.

Our group coaching helps participants identify their personal aspirations and align them with their professional goals. Do they want to achieve personal well-being, work-life balance, or personal development? The program will help integrate personal goals into professional endeavors harmoniously.

Through the AOC program, chiropractors can easily become aware of negative thought patterns, fears, and self-limiting beliefs that may be holding them back. The coaching techniques of our chiropractor consultants can help you develop a growth-oriented perspective, shift your mindset, enhance emotional intelligence, and embrace new possibilities.

Our approach supports chiropractors in becoming more resilient and fulfilled healthcare professionals, which positively impacts their chiropractic practice and personal lives.

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Mark Betsill

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