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Dr. Lee With His Family


Dr. John Lee is the founder and lead coach of Alpha Omega Consulting. Although Dr. Lee enjoys an extremely successful practice now, it was not always that way. He struggled in his early career like many do. As an independent contractor, he found it hard to keep up with any more than 50 patient visits per week.

This was not the kind of chiropractor he envisioned himself to be. Desperate to turn his practice around, he humbled himself by seeking the guidance of a chiropractic consultant. He was fortunate to connect with one but still found himself hesitant to commit to the time and cost required at that moment. The consultant had asked him, “Why would you postpone your success?”. This resonated deeply with Dr. Lee. Due to the honesty and integrity of the consultant, Dr. Lee decided to take the dive right then and there!

Right away, Dr. Lee fully immersed himself in all of his coaching, eager to learn. By quickly implementing what he was being taught, he was able to turn his practice into a success. He doubled his practice to over 100 patient visits per week within a couple months. After just six months of coaching, he was able to open the doors to Lee Chiropractic in 2008. Then in the first year, the practice doubled to over 200 patient visits per week, prompting the addition of an associate doctor.

Dr. Lee continued to learn from other consultants, mentors and business experts in his quest of achieving his dream, a million dollar practice. After years of hard work and dedication, he finally achieved his goal.

However, he quickly realized that having a million dollar practice did not bring him happiness as he was working long hours and missing out on his kids’ lives. This prompted him to create a new business model that would allow working just four half days a week. He was able to successfully create this new working schedule for himself while still maintaining a million dollar practice. This was finally the dream practice he was seeking to achieve. One that allowed him to be home early to spend time with his family.

Because of the life-changing coaching he received over the years, Dr. Lee saw how important it was to give back to chiropractors. He always felt he might like to become a chiropractic consultant when he retired from his practice. However, due to the high demand for his assistance from his chiropractor colleagues, he felt he was being called into consulting sooner than later. This led to the creation of Alpha Omega Consulting.

When he is not busy running his successful practice or coaching the next set of million-dollar practice chiropractors, Dr. Lee enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. Family is of central importance in Dr. Lee’s life, and he makes it a point to balance his work life with his home life.

Dr. Emel

Dr. Ashley Emel

Dr. Ashley Emel is a highly accomplished chiropractor based in Columbia, Missouri, known for her dedication to health and wellness. Her transformative journey towards chiropractic business success began when she reached out to John Lee and Alpha Omega Consulting. Her practice was doing okay at the time grossing over $400,000 annually. You see, Dr. Emel also has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. So, she had already had a good understanding of the business world.

However, she knew something was missing and that she was capable of so much more. Under Dr. Lee’s guidance, Dr. Emel diligently followed a proven program that catapulted her practice, reaching the coveted $1 million mark in annual collections. The most impressive part of her story is that she did this in a mere two years of receiving coaching.

Her meteoric rise was the quickest ever seen by Dr. Lee in his program. Although, Dr. Emel is quick to give Dr. Lee much of the credit, Dr. Lee is quick to remind her that it takes a special individual to take mentorship and apply it so well and to have such quick results.

Eager to share the wealth of knowledge and experience she has gained through her own remarkable journey, Dr. Emel was poised to make a significant impact as a coach for Alpha Omega Consulting. Her dedication to the principles instilled by Alpha Omega Consulting, coupled with her personal triumphs in building a thriving million-dollar practice, positions her as a major asset to our consulting team. For those who are lucky enough to be work with her, you will see right away how diligent, thorough, intelligent, and fiercely hard-working she is. These are the traits that make her successful both in practice and in coaching.

Beyond her numerous professional accomplishments, Dr. Emel finds joy and fulfillment in her personal life. She is happily married to her husband, and together they share the joys and challenges of raising two beautiful daughters. Driven by a passion for her family’s well-being and future, Dr. Emel seamlessly balances her roles as a dedicated wife, mother, and successful healthcare professional.

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