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Are you ready to have the practice of your dreams?

At Alpha Omega Consulting, we help you transform your practice to the next level.

Take your practice from struggling to secure, from average to successful, or from profitable to your dream practice.

You’ll learn the blueprint to success used by our founder, Dr. John Lee, who turned his struggling practice into a million-dollar business.


Your Coach

Dr. Lee brought his practice from struggling in the beginning to a highly successful million-dollar practice. Now he’s ready to help other chiropractors like you by sharing his blueprint to success.


One on One Consulting

A successful chiropractic practice is about more than chiropractic skills. You also need the skills to develop and run a business. We’ll guide you with weekly phone calls, video consultations, onsite practice training and files… based on our million-dollar practice yet tailored to you.

Introductory Consultation

Let’s talk about how our coaching can benefit your specific practice. Take advantage of your FREE 30-minute introductory consultation. Through it, you'll gain clarity on whether we're the right fit and which of our services is right for your goals.


Alpha Omega Online Academy

Prefer the do-it-yourself approach? Transform your business at your own pace through our convenient online academy. You’ll gain access to our exclusive Alpha Omega training files that will show you the way to a successful business, on your own terms.

why us?

Staff Training & Retention

One of the most time-consuming and energy draining tasks you have as a small business owner is managing your staff. We will show you how to hire, train and retain employees properly so you can focus on doing what you do best - helping your patients!

Assoc. Dr. Management

The best way to take your practice to the next level and get back time for yourself is by hiring an associate. We have all aspects of associate management mastered such as hiring, training and retention. 

Structure & Organization

Chiropractic school taught you how to be a great healer, but not how to set up and run your business. We will teach you how to operate your practice like a Fortune 500 company. Even while you are away for two weeks on vacation!

New Patient Marketing

Are you always worried where your next new patient will come from? We will teach how we consistently attract over 50 new patients per month! How many more new patients would transform your practice?

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FREE 30 Minute Consultation

See if We're the Right Fit

Are you wondering whether our coaching will truly fit your practice? Let’s talk about it. We’ll answer your questions and figure out whether we can help you achieve your goals.  

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Personal Consulting

Receive One on One Coaching

First, we’ll evaluate the needs of your practice. Then, we’ll personalize Dr. Lee’s successful blueprint to fit your practice. Through one-on-one coaching, we’ll guide you to achieving the practice of your dreams.

Online Learning

Alpha Omega Online Academy

Start Internet-Based Learning

If you’re looking for a flexible learning program you can complete on your own time, choose our online academy. You can learn from Dr. Lee’s blueprint from anytime and anywhere.  

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