Staying Ahead of the Curve: Are Your Chiropractic Therapies Old School?

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Are Your Chiropractic Therapies Old School?

by | Jul 4, 2024

As a chiropractor who’s been in the field for 20+ years, I’ve seen firsthand how technology can revolutionize our practice. When I first started my clinic back in 2008, my coach recommended a range of therapies to complement chiropractic adjustments. These included electrical muscle stimulation (EMS or e-stim) and intersegmental traction (IST) tables, which were essentially fancy massage roller beds. 

We used these old-school therapies extensively, with six IST tables and three e-stim units that could service multiple patients simultaneously. For many years, this combination of treatments worked wonders for our patients.

Old PT room

But times change, and so does technology. Over the past five to six years, we’ve phased out those IST tables and e-stim units in favor of state-of-the-art therapies like decompression therapy, Class IV laser therapy, and shockwave therapy. 

These new school technologies offer superior treatment outcomes and clinical results, making them invaluable additions to any chiropractic or physical therapy clinic.

New PT room

The Journey from Old School to New School

Transitioning from old school therapies to modern technology wasn’t an easy decision. The equipment we had served us well, and some of our long-time patients still preferred the familiarity of e-stim. However, the advancements in chiropractic therapy made it clear that it was time to upgrade.

We invested in five Chattanooga decompression tables, each costing around $14,000. We also added a Class IV laser machine for $40,000 and a shockwave therapy machine for $45,000. Yes, these new machines were expensive, and that’s often the main holdback for many chiropractors. Compared to the $2,000 price tag of an e-stim unit or an IST table, the cost of modern equipment can seem daunting.

Why Invest in Modern Therapies?

The initial investment might be steep, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. These advanced therapies don’t just provide better clinical outcomes; they also enhance patient satisfaction and generate higher revenue. 

In my experience, the improved results and increased efficiency quickly offset the initial expenditure. My chiropractic coaching clients who have invested in these new technologies often find that they can pay off their machines rapidly, thanks to the additional revenue generated by offering these premium services.

For instance, decompression therapy is a game-changer for patients with chronic back pain. Class 4 laser therapy is incredibly effective for reducing inflammation and accelerating tissue repair. Shockwave therapy, with its advanced capabilities of tissue regeneration and healing, has been particularly impressive in terms of patient outcomes.

Balancing Financial Investment with Professional Growth

Expensive cost

I understand why many chiropractors hesitate to invest in expensive equipment. Financial concerns and the fear of going into debt are valid reasons for reconsideration. However, think of these purchases as investments in your practice’s future. The upgraded treatment capabilities and improved patient outcomes will ultimately lead to greater financial stability and growth.

If you’re a chiropractor wondering whether it’s time to update therapy options in your clinic, consider this: modern therapies not only improve clinical outcomes but also provide a significant return on investment. 

Yes, it requires a financial commitment, but with careful planning and possibly financing options, these new technologies can be the turning point for your practice.

Inspiring Growth and Balance

As chiropractors, we aim for more than just financial success. We strive for a balanced life, where professional fulfillment and personal well-being go hand in hand. Upgrading to modern therapy equipment is not just about keeping up with the times; it’s about offering the best possible care to our patients while ensuring the sustainability and growth of our practice.

To my fellow chiropractors: embrace these technological advancements not just as tools for better patient care, but as opportunities for professional growth and personal balance.

The financial concerns are one of the challenges facing the chiropractic industry, but the rewards are absolutely worth it. Remember, it’s about providing the best for our patients while also securing a prosperous and balanced future for ourselves and our families.

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