Answering Frequently Asked Questions From Patients

Answering Frequently Asked Questions From Patients

by | May 8, 2023

Chiropractic, unfortunately, is not as mainstream as other healthcare services such as dental visits or prescription glasses. That’s why patients often have questions about chiropractic care that they’d like to ask before setting up an appointment. 

It’s very important to be able to address these questions and set expectations right off the start. Dealing with objections can be tricky too so they must be dealt with carefully. The good news is these questions are almost always the same for every client so you can easily create an FAQ document for your chiropractic office and make sure that all CAs are familiar with it. 

The Right Service Attitude

It’s easy to get frustrated to have to answer the same questions every single time. However, while these questions are all too familiar to everyone in a chiropractic office, the person asking has very little to no idea. So please treat each one with patience and kindness. Remember, you are now in a perfect position to clear away any doubts they have regarding chiropractic.

Start off with the right tone of voice. Whether it’s over a phone call or an in-person visit at the office, keep your tone accommodating but serious. Next is to answer their questions matter-of-factly. No beating around the bush and don’t sugarcoat things either. Lastly, you’ll want to provide them with amazing customer service. If it’s a phone call, make sure that you use their name. If it’s an in-person visit, welcome them with a smile and a warm greeting. Make them feel that they’ve come to the right place to ask those questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are three frequently asked questions we’ve had to answer over the years.

Is the treatment going to hurt?

Our answer: The treatment is not going to hurt. You may feel some discomfort during the procedure, but it will go away after a few treatments. The discomfort is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. After treatment, many patients report feeling better than they have in years!

People usually ask this because they simply do not know what to expect so it’s important to keep their mind at ease and manage their expectations.

How much does chiropractic treatment cost?

Our answer: The cost of chiropractic treatment can vary widely, depending on the type of treatment you choose and how long it takes to see results. 

Finances are always a concern and people typically ask this in order for them to assess how they are going to pay for treatment. Some people may find that they can afford chiropractic care on their own, but others might want to consider putting it on their credit card or getting help from their insurance company.

Are there any side effects of treatment?

Our answer: There are no side effects of chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors are trained to adjust the spine and have their patients feeling better in a matter of visits. 

Again, since not everyone is familiar with chiropractic. First time patients will naturally want to know about possible side effects. You may want to give them a quick rundown of the benefits or better yet, prepare handouts they can take with them.

Some people are genuinely interested and curious how chiropractic can help them with their issues. Sometimes, you may need to address objections. No matter the case, always answer each question professionally and kindly.

Learn how to develop the right service attitude in your chiropractic clinic so you can go above and beyond even when simply answering patients’ frequently asked questions. Get in touch today to schedule your 30-minute free consultation.