Mastering Your Morning Huddles To Boost Chiropractic Business Success

Mastering Your Morning Huddles To Boost Chiropractic Business Success

by | Nov 30, 2023

Morning huddles are essential in a healthcare setting such as in a chiropractic practice. These are the times when everyone shares or gathers information, updates, and announcements. You will want to practice regular huddles if you want to streamline your clinic operations and promote effective communication within the workplace.

In your chiropractic clinic, the morning huddles may comprise reviewing patient appointments, tackling operational concerns, discussing special cases, quick roleplaying to practice essential skills, and so on. Starting your clinic’s hours with a huddle can help create a good atmosphere for the rest of the day as you and your staff work together to provide high-quality patient care.

Maintain a Regular Schedule

Start the huddle at the same time each day to establish a routine and begin promptly at the designated time. Select a time that allows all team members to participate without causing disruptions to patient care. Make sure that everyone is there, including the front desk employees and support staff.

Keep your huddle short, in about 10-15 minutes. This way, your meetings do not disrupt patient care and other essential tasks. 

You may also consider assigning someone to record or take notes during the huddle and share a summary with all members afterward. Through this, everyone is still informed, even if they could not attend.

Create a Structured Agenda to Cover Important Issues

The meeting will cover significant material if the agenda is well-organized, and you will not stray into unrelated subjects. Here is an example of a morning huddle agenda that you can adapt. You can also customize it to meet the specific needs of your chiropractic practice:

  • Welcome and commencement. Start the huddle with a brief welcome to the team and give a positive message to start the day with a pleasant atmosphere. (2 minutes)
  • Review the schedule of the day. You or a team member present a summary of the appointments, sessions, names of patients, number of patients, times, etc. (3 minutes)
  • Discuss patients and their cases. Discuss any updates pertaining to certain patients and their unique needs. (3 minutes)
  • Updates on operations. Inform the team regarding changes to the office schedule, equipment upgrades, or reminders of sessions.  (2 minutes)
  • Advertising and marketing. In just a few words, talk about marketing initiatives, promotions, or events that are related to your chiropractic practice. (2 minutes)
  • Awards and recognition. Acknowledge the successes and important moments of the team such as excellent patient encounters. (2 minutes)
  • Open discussion for suggestions and questions. Ask your team if they have something to share or ask regarding their work. (3 minutes)
  • Call to Action. List the main points you have discussed in the huddle. Also, use this time to assign any additional tasks to specific team members. (1 minute)
  • Final thoughts. Close the huddle and remind everyone to be as optimistic and cooperative as possible throughout the day. You may also give a positive quote about motivation, happiness, health, etc. (1 minute)

Encourage All Team Members to Participate

Rotate the duties so that everyone on the team has an opportunity to take the lead. This also helps avoid repetition and keeps the huddles always interesting and lively.

For this, make a timetable that indicates who will take charge of the morning huddle on certain days or throughout certain weeks. The selected leader should examine the agenda and obtain any relevant updates or information before the meeting. 

During this cycle, you are also giving your team members a chance to develop their leadership and communication skills. Offer aid and guidance as necessary.

Make the appropriate changes to your huddles as the needs of your clinic evolves. With this strategy, you can be certain that your morning meetings will consistently be engaging, pertinent, and beneficial for reaching the objectives of your chiropractic practice.

Did you know that there are other types of meetings you should be implementing in your clinic to build the chiropractic practice of your dreams? There’s the morning huddle that we’ve covered here and then there’s the yearly meeting, the quarterly meeting, the weekly staff meeting, and the individual meeting. You may want to watch our video on How to Conduct One on One Meetings With Your Staff and download the one page one-on-one meeting agenda PDF while you’re at it.