Is Your Business Off to a Slow Start in 2024?

Is Your Business Off to a Slow Start in 2024?

by | Mar 5, 2024

During this start of 2024, I have had more than the usual number of chiropractors express that their practice has slowed down significantly. We find ourselves in a unique situation, where a presidential election year has most likely led to a slowdown in the number of patients seeking our care. More patients are also not accepting care recommendations saying that they cannot afford it. It’s essential for us to join forces and support each other through this economic downturn. As a consultant who understands the gravity of the situation, I want to offer you three critical steps to weather this storm and thrive in the face of adversity.

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Reassess your marketing plan:

Now is the time to review and adjust your marketing strategy. Although it’s recommended to do this periodically, the current circumstances call for immediate action. Identify which marketing channels have been effective in the past and consider reviving them. Explore new avenues that resonate with the changing needs of your patients. 

One powerful approach is reactivation campaigns, where you reach out to previous patients via text messages. Don’t underestimate the impact of traditional methods like spinal screenings and lunch talks – they still hold remarkable potential. And above all, make it a priority to meet with your marketing team regularly to evaluate progress and make necessary adjustments.

Elevate your level of customer service:

While we may experience a decline in new patients, it’s important to focus on providing exceptional care to your existing patient base. Treat your patients with an unprecedented level of care, going above and beyond their expectations. Check in on their stretches and exercises, ensuring they have the guidance they need to maintain their progress. Be attentive and compassionate, addressing any questions or concerns they may have. 

Committing to this higher standard of care will not only result in improved clinical outcomes but also create a tribe of satisfied customers who will become advocates for your practice. When the time comes, confidently ask for their referrals, knowing they are raving fans of your clinic.

Prioritize self-care:

In times of business crisis, it’s tempting to succumb to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as stress eating or neglecting our physical well-being. However, taking care of ourselves is paramount to weathering the storm. Make a conscious effort to invest in your own health – schedule regular workouts, nourish your body with healthy meals during the work week, and allow yourself some indulgences during the weekends. 

Additionally, tap into your source of spiritual guidance, be it prayer, reading the Bible, attending church, or practicing meditation. A strong mind, body, and spirit will equip you to combat the challenges ahead with resilience and clarity.

Remember, my fellow chiropractors, times like these are temporary, and we have the power to control our own destinies. The three recommendations provided are all about controlling what you can control. The current slowdown in the market is a tangible reminder of how cyclical changes in politics can impact our business.

By reassessing our marketing plans, elevating our level of customer service, and prioritizing our self care, we will not only survive this downturn but emerge stronger than ever before. Rest assured that you are not alone on this journey – our community at Alpha Omega Consulting is here to support you and keep your morale high. Together, we will overcome this challenge, and success will be waiting on the other side.

Stay motivated, stay inspired, and let’s prevail together!

With much hope and determination,
Dr. John Lee