How To Test Out A New Service In Your Chiropractic Office

How To Test Out A New Service In Your Chiropractic Office

by | Apr 3, 2023

How To Test Out A New Service In Your Chiropractic Office

When you’re a chiropractor, it can be challenging to know how to fit new services into your office. And yet, after careful consideration, you feel that you are now ready to add a new service. You want to offer what’s best for your patients, but you also want a sustainable business. The best way to do this is by identifying the right service to add and testing it out conscientiously.

One way to get honest feedback about a new service is by asking the people who matter most: your patients! Asking at the end of an adjustment or therapy appointment can be helpful because it allows you to see how they felt about their experience with you as a whole. You could also ask them in person, through surveys or social media posts, or even in focus groups with other clients who have similar needs (if there are any).

Another way to do this is to ask fellow practitioners which services have helped bring in revenue for their offices. They will be able to provide you with information you need to better understand the time, effort, and cost of bringing in a new service. Remember that bringing in a new service into your practice is an investment so you have to do your due diligence.

4 Tips To Testing Out A New Service

1. Ask yourself if this service is safe for your patients and if it will add value to your practice.

To test out a new service, you should first ask yourself if it is safe for your patients and if it will add value to your practice. Safety is the first priority of any chiropractor who wants to offer a new treatment modality or procedure. If you are not sure whether or not the new service is safe, then it would be best not to use it until further research has been done on its safety profile.

If the new service does seem like something that will be beneficial for both you and your patients, then consider how much time and resources are needed before implementing this change into your office routine. If these resources are not available at this time (or if they may require additional training), then perhaps waiting until they do become available would be best so as not disrupt current operations too much while also providing ample opportunity for reflection on how best to implement these changes once everything else falls into place.

2. Get the training you need to do this service properly.

In chiropractic, a new service usually means you will also need to become familiar with new equipment. It’s important to get the right training for the job. You can’t just wing it; you need to know what you’re doing. If you don’t have a mentor, find one! Some companies can arrange a demo in your office so you can test out their products. This is a great opportunity to train your staff and yourself on how to use this new equipment.

As always, do not hesitate to ask questions and learn from others’ mistakes. Take the time to do this properly, because there are many chiropractic offices that offer very similar services but lack proper training in how best to practice their procedures.

3. Test out the service in a small, manageable way.

If you’re trying out a new service and it doesn’t work, it’s important to know that not everything will be successful right away. It might take some time for people to become familiar with what you’re offering them and how they can use it to their benefit. If there are any problems with your new offering, try tweaking it based on the feedback that you get from patients during this initial testing period.

For example, you can test the new service to a handful of clients whom you think will see positive results. Get their permission to be part of your trial run (so to speak) in exchange for their honest feedback. You also would not want to charge them for this. Aside from testing it out on patients, you and your staff should also experience it for yourselves. 

4. Create a new care plan and workflow for your office.

Once you have tested out the new service and determined that it will indeed bring more value to your office, it’s time to officially incorporate it into your care plans and redesign your workflow. You may need to look at your numbers and rework your pricing. You will also need to onboard everyone with the new service and walk them through how your new workflow will look like moving forward. The first few weeks may not be as smooth as usual but they will be a great opportunity to fine tune your workflow.

You may also need to start marketing your new service to your patients to make sure they understand how it can help in their care. Honest feedback from your trial run will be the best way to convince them of its benefits.

Testing out a new service in your chiropractic office is a good idea so make sure you do them carefully and with care! It’s important to remember that if something doesn’t work out the way you had hoped, there’s no shame in trying again later on when the time is right. The most important thing is that your patients are getting what they need from their chiropractic care provider.