High Staff Turnover? Is the Problem Them or You?

High Staff Turnover? Is the Problem Them or You?

by | Feb 18, 2024

As a chiropractic business owner, experiencing a high staff turnover rate can be frustrating and detrimental to the success of your practice. However, before blaming the employees or assuming there are no good people available to hire, it is crucial to recognize that the problem typically lies with the business owner. In my own experience, I learned the hard way that the key to reducing staff turnover lies in effective leadership and management skills.

Recognizing the Root Cause:

In the early years of running my own office, I made the mistake of being a micro-manager and allowing my employees’ mistakes to dictate my emotions. My leadership style was authoritarian, and I ruled with an iron fist. I naturally possessed a driver personality, which made me impatient and focused on quick results. Unsurprisingly, these factors contributed to high staff turnover during that time.

Dr. John

Seeking Help and Learning:

It wasn’t until I realized that I was the one driving my employees away that I sought help and mentorship on how to become a better leader and manager. The pivotal lesson I learned was the need to shift my focus from what I wanted to what my employees needed. I discovered the importance of adaptability and versatility when dealing with my team. Understanding each employee’s personality type became crucial in determining how I communicated and managed them effectively.

The Platinum Rule in Action:

The key to success lies in the application of the Platinum Rule: treat others how they want to be treated. This approach to leadership differs significantly from the familiar Golden Rule. By understanding the Social Styles model from Tracom, I was able to tailor my communication and management techniques to the unique needs of each employee. This shift in perspective had a transformative effect on our office team culture and morale.

The Benefits of Effective Leadership:

By prioritizing my employees’ needs and implementing the principles of effective leadership, I witnessed a remarkable improvement in staff retention. My team recognized my growth as a leader and a manager, leading to increased job satisfaction and commitment to the practice. It became evident that the common denominator in staff turnover issues was my own leadership style, not the lack of suitable candidates for employment.

For chiropractic business owners struggling with staff turnover, it is essential to recognize the impact that leadership and management have on employee satisfaction and retention. By shifting the focus from a micromanaging and authoritarian approach to a more adaptable and versatile leadership style, one can create a positive and cohesive team culture. Understanding the individual personality types within your team and applying the principles of the Platinum Rule can significantly improve staff morale and reduce turnover. The Social Styles model from Tracom offers valuable resources for business owners seeking guidance and support in this area. Invest in your leadership skills, empower your team, and reap the benefits of a loyal and committed staff.

Link to the Social Styles model from Tracom