Alpha Omega Online Academy


12If you are more of a do-it-yourself type of person and feel you can achieve success without one-on-one consulting, our Alpha Omega Online Academy is what you are looking for. This internet based learning program will allow you to see all the ins and outs of what Dr. Lee is doing in his current practice.

Alpha Omega Online Academy includes:

  • Access to an extensive library of video trainings and audio files

  • Access to downloadable digital files of office forms, scripts, training protocols and more!

Do you want to sign up for chiropractic consulting, but also believe that you can do without the one-on-one sessions? The good news is, Alpha Omega Consulting has an online course for chiropractors like you.

With our online chiropractic coaching program, you will have access to an extensive digital library of video training modules about chiropractic care and more. You can also obtain downloadable files of office forms, scripts, training protocols, etc., to help you run your practice operations. These resources allow you to improve your chiropractic practice management, focus on patient care, and reduce administrative burdens.

Here are some benefits of enrolling in an internet-based learning program and having such educational resources available for chiropractors:

Interactive Learning

Video training modules provide a dynamic learning experience. Our modules incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes, assessments, and exercises. These features engage the user in the learning process, encouraging knowledge application, reinforcing key concepts, and immediate feedback.

These visual components in the modules can result in greater memory consolidation. This is because the brain processes visual information and auditory cues separately, increasing information retention. You are more likely to remember the concepts and techniques learned from video training of chiropractic business coaching, compared to solely listening or reading the materials.

Visual and Auditory Learning

Combining visual and auditory cues makes the learning process more stimulating, as it promotes cognitive engagement. Our video resources can be particularly beneficial as they can see visual aids, demonstrations, and techniques that enhance their understanding. The visual component can help you grasp the physical aspects of chiropractic practice and absorb information that aligns with your preferred learning style.

Variety of Topics and Expertise

The modules of our online chiropractic coaching program allow chiropractors like yourself to explore different areas of interest within the field. You can delve into topics that interest you such as business structure and organization, Day 1 Day 2 processes, care plans, marketing, among others. This helps you identify your passions and further expand your services to meet patient needs.

The video training offers valuable resources for expanding the skill sets of chiropractors. You can learn new therapeutic approaches, assessment tools, or adjustment methods. This skill set expansion enables you to offer a wider range of treatment options to their patients, increasing the versatility and effectiveness of their practice.

Reference and Review

With chiropractic business coaching in an online-based learning program, users can access a wide range of information, techniques, and protocols from one convenient location. Directly using the materials eliminates the need to search the internet or various sources for relevant content. It also streamlines the information-gathering process and accelerates the learning process; thus, saving time.

The Alpha Omega Consulting online program also allows chiropractors to revisit and reinforce their understanding and knowledge of certain subjects. By watching the video modules multiple times, you can reinforce the information presented. This is because each repetition helps strengthen the neural connections associated with that information, making it easier to recall later.

Thanks to the multisensory approach of visual learning, you can improve your information retention. When you see and hear the content simultaneously, creating a more memorable and vivid learning experience.

You may also encounter situations where they require additional clarification or a refresher on specific topics. By accessing the modules of chiropractic coaching, you can review the content and gain a deeper understanding.


The online course gives access to chiropractors to downloadable digital files of pre-designed templates, forms, scripts, etc. These are the things that you can readily use instead of spending time creating these materials from scratch. You can simply download the files and customize them to fit your specific practice needs. This saves time and enables you to focus on providing patient care and streamlining your chiropractic practice management.

By utilizing downloadable resources from your AOC chiropractic business coach, you can streamline their administrative processes. These materials provide a structured framework for common practice documents such as intake forms, consent forms, treatment protocols, and more. You can quickly implement them into your daily workflow.

While the downloadable files provide a starting point, you can tailor them to your unique practice requirements. You can edit the content, branding, and formatting to align with the visual identity and specific needs of your practice. This allows you to create personalized materials without having to invest extensive time or resources.

Efficiency in Training and Onboarding

Once your chiropractic practice expands or hires additional staff members in the future, having downloadable training protocols and scripts becomes beneficial. These outline the step-by-step procedures and guidelines to follow when dealing with certain situations or performing specific tasks. This ensures that all staff members receive consistent training and adhere to the principles and standards of the practice.

Instead of individually explaining every procedure, you can provide new hires with comprehensive training materials that include the necessary information. This streamlines the onboarding process and helps new employees become productive more quickly.

Even after the initial training, staff members can refer to the materials from your chiropractor consultant to reinforce training concepts, refresh their knowledge, and maintain consistency in their jobs. This helps to foster continuous learning and improvement among the team.

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