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The Success Trinity





Here is how Lee Chiropractic achieves success when others struggle.

Our formula to success is simple!

We call it the Success Trinity, which is made up of the 3

P’s: Personal, Processes & Persistence.


A healthy and balanced personal life + proven office processes + an unwavering persistence for hard work = SUCCESS!


Understanding the power of the 3 P’s will make your practice dream a reality. This is the same formula that Dr. Lee has used to achieve and sustain his successful million-dollar practice.


The trick? It’s about balance, which is what we promote to our chiropractic clients, right? So we need to apply that idea within our own practices.


For the Success Trinity to work, you need to keep all 3 P’s running at a high level. Sometimes, you may be sacrificing one for the others. Sometimes, all three are areas for improvement. It's important to be mindful of this and always work toward balance.


Balancing your personal life, office processes and persistence is easier said than done. So let’s break it down. We’ll show you how to master all 3 P’s to achieve your own Success Trinity!

A successful professional life begins with a happy and balanced personal life. This means keeping your body and mind healthy but also having a happy home life.

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Having systems and protocols for as many things in your practice as possible allow it to run smoothly and efficiently with lower stress.

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Success is not achieved through cutting corners or slacking. Hard work will pay off if you develop a great work ethic.

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Work does not come easy when there are health problems to deal with or relationship issues at home.

Yet as doctors of chiropractic, we must always be beacons of positivity and hope for our patients that look to us for help. To promote health and wellness effectively, we must be living healthy lives ourselves.

That’s why it’s essential that we keep our bodies healthy with good nutrition, regular exercise and necessary visits to our own healthcare providers.

Our spirituality can also play a role in our health. You might cultivate your spirituality through a relationship with God, religion or meditation.

Then, we must make sure we are doing our part to keep our personal relationships healthy with our spouses, significant others, children, parents, siblings, best friends and everyone else in our lives.

It is when all of these areas are balanced that we can go in to work with a happy and clear mind that is ready to tackle whatever task is in front of us. We lead by example and spread positivity to our patients. We create an environment they’ll want to return to.

Dr. Lee practices what he preaches and works hard to balance his health and personal relationships. He feels that his chiropractic office is his “playing field” and that he is performing at his best when his personal life is well-managed and in order.

How is your personal life affecting your practice? Let’s talk about it.



Having systems and protocols for as many things in your practice as possible allow it to run smoothly and efficiently with lower stress.

You could spend the time and effort figuring out the best processes, but really, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel here. At Alpha Omega Consulting, we have the benefit of drawing from all of the proven processes that are being used in Lee Chiropractic, Dr. Lee’s highly-successful practice.

We want to give you a kick start so you can find increased success NOW. And we want you to have proven processes so you’re set up for success. Take the processes we have already created, and put them into use at your own practice.

You’ll gain processes for how to:

  • Handle a new patient phone call

  • Set up and present a New Patient Orientation workshop

  • Train associates

  • Much more


We’ve got you covered!

We have learned through Dr. Lee’s practice what works and are ready to share with you the processes we already know work… processes that took Dr. Lee’s practice from struggling to a million-dollar business.

Bonus: You’ll also gain access to the Entrepreneurial Operating System® ( EOS Model™). Dr. Lee is an EOS Implementer™ of this proven system that improves:

  • Overall business structure

  • Staff accountability

  • Weekly and quarterly staff meetings

  • More


With the resources provided by the years of experience from Lee Chiropractic PLUS the EOS Model… our processes training is extremely comprehensive.

This is usually a major weak point for many chiropractic practices. So for most of our clients, a lot of effort and training time will be spent learning and mastering processes. The good news for you is that we make the “process” of learning processes easy to learn for you and your staff. See... we have a process for everything!



There’s a reason the phrases “hard work pays off” and “work smarter, not harder” are so widespread. They work.

Does one of these sayings resonate with you?

At Alpha Omega Consulting, we understand the value in working efficiently, which is why we have developed processes for almost everything.

However, Dr. Lee favors the phrase “hard work pays off”. This is the philosophy he follows and promotes within the Success Trinity.

His own personal success in chiropractic practice did not come just from his natural talents or fortunate circumstances. He wholeheartedly will say that putting in the hard work and being persistent with his strong work ethic was a key component to his success.

Some are born with Dr. Lee’s ability to persist and never back off or quit. Others are able to learn this trait through observation of others early in life such as seeing our parents work hard to support their family. Then there are still others who have room for improvement in this area but are able to learn and adopt the trait later in life. They learn and apply strategies that keep them motivated, inspired or reminded about continuously working hard.

When talking about being persistent with hard work, we are NOT saying you must work long hours and be away from your loved ones to achieve practice success. That would go against our other P: personal.

What we ARE saying is that you cannot expect to achieve success while being lazy and slack on your duties.

Some of you will not need any help in this category as a persistent work ethic is natural to you or you have it figured out. That means you already have this P taken care of. Yet are you sacrificing the other P’s in favor of this one? Remember that it’s all about balance.

At the same time, many of you will need guidance and a little push in this category. That’s okay. Our goal is to balance the three P’s, which means identifying which ones are already strong and which ones require work to get you where you want to go.

Just remember that we don’t ask you to do anything we are not willing to do ourselves. As you work hard at improving your practice, know that Alpha Omega Consulting will be fully dedicated and will work hard to serve you!