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New Patient Marketing

Bring new patients through your doors with a diversified marketing plan using effective and proven strategies. Understand the marketing faucets framework and identify consistent sources of new patients for your practice.

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Associate Doctor Management

Scale up your business with competent associate doctors who will help you work less and spend less time in your office while feeling confident that your associate doctor(s) are taking great care of the patients. We have several associate doctor business models that are proven to work. Whether you want your associate to be an extension of you, work independently without you there, or fully take care of all patients while you progress to a clinic director role.


Structure and Organization

Run your practice like a Fortune 500 company! Build a solid foundation for your business by creating distinct departments that perform certain functions and implementing different meeting types to keep the business running smoothly.

Staff Training and Retention

Set up your new hires for success with an efficient onboarding and training process. Learn how to design your bonus structure to keep team members motivated. Your practice will be running like clockwork with a happy and well-trained staff.

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